Introduction to RTP

Playing your favourite casino games is fun, but what does RTP mean in gambling? You’ve probably seen this term and may be wondering what it means. Understand the statistics behind RTP in casino gambling and make informed decisions with our help. Learn what RTP is and how it is used to attract players, as well as the difference between a good and bad RTP. Make better choices next time you play with our expert guidance.

What Is RTP (Return to Player)?

To make informed decisions as a casino player, it’s crucial to understand the statistics behind RTP. RTP, or Return to Player, is a statistical value that is determined after many gaming sessions and may fluctuate in the short term. As you learn more about RTP, you’ll be able to identify the games with good RTP and those with lower RTP, allowing you to make better choices when you play.

When considering RTP, it can play a significant role in determining whether or not you choose to play a certain game. Therefore, understanding RTP and how it works is crucial for anyone looking to become a serious casino player. On this blog, we will be diving deeper into RTP, and help you understand how it works and how it can affect your gameplay. Typically, you will find that most games have an RTP between 95% and 97%. This means that for every dollar bet, the game will return between that percentage range.

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What Is a Good RTP and How to Calculate It?

Although we will start with the industry standard RTP of 96%, we will consider any slot machine with RTP over 95% a good machine. This is the percentage we all would expect online slots to feature; however, some slots fall short of this percentage, and of course, you will find slots with a higher percentage, too. In some slots, RTP may even go as high as 98%; slots that fall under 95% can be classified as low RTP.

Despite how it may sound, RTP is calculated using a relatively simple formula: the total amount you can expect to win over a specific, usually incredibly long, series of spins. If you want to work out your RTP over a long period, you’ll need to start tracking your stats. However, this doesn’t mean to say you will get that return every time; this is why the actual term RTP refers to the theoretical average return to player.

Let’s give you an example to make it easier to understand, and we’ll base this example on slots, as with other games, it gets a bit trickier:

how to calculate rtp
  • If you are playing a slot with a 90% RTP valued at $1 each, you should expect to receive $90 in wins.
  • However, as we previously said, the final percentage figure is based on a theoretical, albeit specific, number of spins.
  • In other words, you shouldn’t expect to win back $90 once you have spun the machine for the hundredth time in a row.

Understanding the Statistics Behind RTP

The problem of many casino players is a lack of knowledge about statistics. They quickly refer to a game as “fake” or “rigged” when it runs against them, even though everything is within a statistical framework. In this essay, we will delve deeper into the understanding of RTP and how it works in the casino industry.

Fluctuation of RTP

That’s why a slot can’t be so predictable, so it has to fluctuate around this average/RTP based on the actual payout. Sometimes it pays out only EUR 50 after spinning 100 times 1 euro, then EUR 200. The next time 90 euro, then 60 euro. Then 20 Euro, then 200 Euro. And so on. It is important to understand that a lot can happen in the short term and with rare assignments.

  • An RTP is only the statistical value that will settle down after several thousand sessions. So only if you bet e.g., 10 000 times 1 euro you will be able to say actually how high the RTP is.

Traceability of RTPs

This is exactly what makes RTP not easy to understand. Because you have to simulate game thousands of times to be able to make a halfway exact statement. The RTP which is also published by the slot manufacturers is a calculated and theoretical value. It would still have to be determined in practice. Often it is about such small fluctuations that it is “irrelevant”.

  • Imagine you have a slot with 97.5% and one with 97% RTP. Of course, you expect it to bring in more with 97.5% in the long run. But to notice a difference you have to play a lot with both machines.

Verification by the licensor

In this field, the UK Gambling Commission is probably the leader and takes it very seriously. Therefore, it’s hard to keep yourself as a frivolous casino. The Gambling Commission has been calling for live RTPs since 2016. The manufacturers’ calculated RTPs may vary from these live RTPs. That is logical because these are only theoretical values.

  • The commission intervenes and complains or asks why such a deviation exists only when the sample size is large enough.

Lack of Knowledge of Statistics

Exactly this is the problem with gambling but also something that makes it so interesting. Because only a few players have the necessary basic knowledge of statistics and simply assume that a value like an RTP is carved in stone and must be noticeable in every session. That means a player bet 100 times 1 Euro and expects then that on average at least 97 Euros come back.

  • If it is more, he does not complain of course, but if it is less, he pushes it gladly once on the Casino and/or the Slot.

How Does RTP Work in Online Casinos?

As a player, understanding RTP is important because it allows you to make informed decisions about which games to play. In contrast, the house edge, also known as the casino’s profit margin, is the opposite of RTP. It’s essential for the casino but also for you to know the RTP of a game before playing it. Keep in mind that the more you play a game, the more the RTP will reflect on your results. For example, if you play Blackjack, you’ll need to play 10,000 rounds to see the calculated return.

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Volatility in gambling can be either high or low. When looking at slots, the volatility determines the frequency of the slot paying out and the amount paid out. It’s an interesting thing, slot volatility. After all, players can choose between low volatility slots which hit often enough, practically guaranteeing a win.

Trouble is these frequent wins will not amount to too much. Alternatively, you can go for slots with high volatility. That would mean risker a great deal more. You may not see that many wins, but when you do happen to land on a winning combination, you’ll certainly feel like you’ve won. Winning is far rarer but when it happens, you stand to make a great deal more than on low volatility slots.

Low Volatility Slots

First and foremost, we look into Low Volatility slots. Although these slots are less risky than their counterpart, they certainly do not lack excitement. This is the type of slot that is suitable for players who just want to have fun. Players can certainly find many winning combinations on the reels making boredom not an issue here. Large wins do occur in low-volatility slots. It’s a myth to believe that they’re non-existent. The only snag is that they’re not nearly as big as in high-volatility slots.

High Volatility Slots

The riskier than the former, high volatility slots are the more rewarding ones. This is certainly more for the ‘go hard or go home’ type of players. Naturally, they’re also more popular than low-volatility games as players would rather hold out for a life-altering win. In most cases, players pushing the spin button several times will grow tired of the lack of symbols. However, when you least expect it, the reels will line up in order and you’ll receive an enormous payout. That’s exactly how slots with high volatility work.

Best Low Volatility Slots

Although it is difficult to put a pin on whether or not a slot has high or low volatility. Players are able to adjust depending on how frequently and how much the slot will payout. Thus, we’ve included some of the best low volatility slots on the net. Starburst – NetEnt Thunderstruck II – Microgaming Enchanted Garden II – RealTime Gaming Bloodsuckers II – NetEnt Wild Scarabs – Microgaming It’s important to keep in mind that these games will hit often enough.

Best High Volatility Slots

These slots will not always pay out, which can be frustrating. But when they do, you’ll be glad that you spent your time and money on the slot. When choosing a slot game, it’s important to consider the volatility. High volatility slots offer the potential for big payouts but won’t hit as frequently. The best high volatility slots include 300 Shields by NextGen, Immortal Romance by Microgaming, Dead or Alive by NetEnt, Book of Dead by Play’n Go, and Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt.

Statistical Approach Based on Slots

To calculate (Return to Player) in gambling, divide the total amount won by the total amount wagered. This calculation is commonly used for slot machines, which is why the highest RTP percentages are often found in the best jackpot games. Keep in mind that this equation is not just a random number, but it is the actual performance of the slot game as played by real people using real money.

RTP Value in Table Games

When calculating RTP in gambling table games, the theory is a little different. First of all, the RTP is referred to as the House Advantage. This is similar to when entering any type of casino – land-based or online. Thus, the RTP for roulette, craps, or Casino War, is different from slots. The ratio can be calculated for RTP as 100% – (minus) House Edge. Thus, by knowing the House Edge, you’ll be able to calculate the RTP for specific table games too.

For instance, if we say that roulette has a House Advantage of 5%, that will make the RTP 95%. The 5% House Advantage can come from roulette not requiring any skills or certain strategy. Another factor could be the zero on the table, which is neither even, odd, red, or black.

RTP in the Lottery

If you thought that the lottery doesn’t require any RTP, you’re mistaken. Similar to slots, the RTP would be the Total Amount Won / Total Amount Wagered. So, let’s say there are 1,000,000 lottery tickets. If a ticket costs $1, then that’s $1,000,000 for the state-run lottery. However, there would have to be winners.

So, if there’s $900,000 won, either by 900,000 players at $1 each or 9 players winning $100,000, the lottery still makes $100,000. That makes the RTP of the lottery 90%. There are two different alternatives. 900,000 players win $1 or 9 players win $100,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RTP in gambling?

As a player, you can use RTP to make informed decisions about which games to play. A good RTP is typically between 95% and 97%, and you can use this information to choose games that have a higher likelihood of paying out more. Keep in mind that RTP is a statistical value and may fluctuate in the short term. But the more you play, the more your results will reflect the stated RTP.

Is the RTP the same for all games?

No, the RTP can vary for different games and even between different variants of the same game. It is important for players to know the RTP of a game before playing.

Are the RTPs listed the actual RTPs?

Theoretically, the RTPs listed should be the actual RTPs. However, a very large sample size is necessary to prove that an RTP deviates from the given value. It’s recommended to stick with popular slot machines like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Bonanza, etc for accurate RTP.

What is the difference between RTPs?

The difference in RTP can be significant, with some slot machines reaching as high as 99% and others as low as 90%. Higher RTPs typically offer better payouts, but it is important to keep in mind that winning is ultimately determined by luck.

What are the best slots to play on Ninecasino?

Some recommended slot games on Ninecasino are Millionaire Genie, Jacks Pot, Blood Suckers 2, Nightmare on Elm Street and Starburst.

Which slot machine manufacturers have particularly high RTPs?

There are no specific manufacturers that stand out for having particularly high RTPs. However, some manufacturers do not offer slot machines with very low RTPs, which can be useful information for players.

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