In the previous Valorant Patch we’ve seen quite a few changes and adjustments made to the Agents and their abilities. This time, however, only ‘Brimmy the stimmy’ is under fire.

The Brimstone Buff and Speed Boost

With Brimstone going through a decrease in playtime, the devs gave Brimstone a generous buff last patch.
The buff affected his Sky Smoke and gave his Stim Beacon a 15% speed boost in addition to RapidFire.
Seems the devs thought it gave Brimmy too much power. They doubled the cost of his Stim Beacon and decreased its charges from two to one.

The Prioritize Strongest Weapon setting was updated, enabling players to be combat-ready after using an ability or interacting with the spike, ult orbs, etc.

In addition, the Deterministic Map System has been enabled in all regions, meaning players will see an increase in map variety in their queue.

Aside from the nerf to Brimstone, system updates, and bug fixes, the new Valorant Patch 4.05 has introduced a new feature where players can easily share (Import or Export) their crosshair profiles into the game.
No more of going through the trouble of manually adjusting your crosshair setting to best match the one your friend has, or even one that a pro player uses.

Now, in Patch 4.05 you can effortlessly change crosshair settings and enjoy your games!

How to Import Your Crosshair Settings in Valorant in Patch 4.05?

To Import or Export your Crosshair Setting all you have to do is follow these steps

  • Go to Settings 
  • Click on the Crosshair tab
    (Here is where you’ll see two arrows that point up and down in the first row of your Crosshair Profile)
  • Click on the arrow pointing up to Export your Crosshair Profile
    (This will automatically copy the code to your clipboard and you can share it with whoever you wish)
Valorant Patch 4.05 Crosshair Settings
  • Click on the arrow pointing down to Input your Crosshair Profile
  • Paste the code and click the Input button
Valorant Crosshair Settings

In Valorant, as well as other shooter games, learning crosshair placement is very important for improving your aim, but the crosshair itself also plays a significant role. The better the crosshair, the better the chance to distinguish whether your next bullet is headed directly into the enemy’s head or not. 

With this change, you can easily change and practice to see what kind of crosshair best suits you!

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