VALORANT BETTING | Your Ultimate Guide to place your bets

If you are eager to know what is actually VALORANT and how it became on of the best game in last two years when it comes to competitive scene
How it’s played, how it’s different from other FPS, tournament types and best betting providers with competitive odds

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VALORANT Betting Markets

Valorant’s rise to prominence in early 2020 breathed new life into the first-person hero shooter genre. Although in the same league with games such as Overwatch and Paladins, Valorant shared more similarities with CS:GO, the esports scene’s gold standard FPS, than its predecessors. With the game focusing on a plethora of different agents and their unique abilities, as well as the shooting aspect of the game, Valorant has successfully positioned itself as the FPS esports title of the future. Due to the game’s uncanny similarity with CS:GO, Valorant’s betting markets are ultimately fairly similar to those of Counter-Strike.

Due to the game’s popularity, Valorant has become one of the largest esports betting markets available. Some of the most popular types of bets in Valorant include : Winner of Map 1, Match Winner, picking the outright tournament winner, as well as map handicaps.

  • Outright winner – Betting on the outright winner of the event.
  • Map winner – Betting on the winner of the given map.
  • Match winner – Betting on the outright winner of the match.
  • Map Handicap – Betting on whether the team will win the match with the added advantage or disadvantage of one or more map wins.
Valorant | Valorant Wiki | Fandom
Source: Valorant.Fandom

VALORANT Side Markets

Besides the general types of bets found in the main market, Valorant betting sites offer several side markets. These types of bets usually have higher odds than the main market ones, since these are harder to predict. Many of these are also similar to the ones found in CS:GO betting.

  • First Blood – Who will score the first kill in the map.
  • Spike Plant – Who will plant the first/next spike
  • Spike Defuse – Who will defuse the first/next spike?
  • Ace/Clutch – Will a single player be able to eliminate all players from the opposing team in one round? (1v3 / 1v5)
  • Team Ace – A team ace occurs when each player from one team eliminate one player from the opposing team. Typically round with 0 deaths on one side.
  • Over/Unders – Bookies can offer over/under odds on various game statistics, such as aces, kills, spike plants, spike defuses and more.

How VALORANT betting odds work

VALORANT betting odds work the same way as odds for other e-sports and sports work. You can find odds in American (moneyline), Decimal, or Fractional display. Moneyline odds are most common in the US and Canada, Fractional odds are most common in the UK, while the rest of the world is sensible enough to use decimals. We recommend decimal odds, as they are the easiest to understand.

VALORANT betting tips & tricks

VALORANT is still a relatively new game. However, the game exists long enough to come up with some game-specific VALORANT betting tips. Many of the same tips also apply to CS:GO or Overwatch.

Source: Ozraker

Learn the basics, like game economics

VALORANT is largely based on economy. The more success players have, the better weapons, armor and abilities they can buy. Just like CS:GO, the economy is split between full-, half- and eco-buys. An eco-buy means a team must compete with weaker, less affective weapons, greatly decreasing their odds of winning. Smart VALORANT match betting means knowing how much money a team has between rounds is a good indication of how well they will perform.

Look what type of composition teams are running!

Is the team taking a passive or aggressive stance? Are they using Sentinels, Controllers, or Duelists? This can make a big difference in your betting strategy, especially if you are doing live betting.

Best VALORANT Team Comps - Pro Game Guides
Source: ValorantOfficial

Study different ultimate abilities

In VALORANT, each agent can earn unique and devastating ultimate abilities. These do not cost any money and do nothing unless unlocked. Thus, it is very important to know if an agent’s ultimate ability is available and if it is likely to be unlocked in the next round. These will greatly improve a team’s chances of winning. At the same time, ultimate abilities are highly situational and will only benefit a team in specific circumstances. So pay attention to these, especially during live bets.

Source: PlayValorant 4.02 Patch Notes

Watch out for Patches and Updates

Patches are scourge of betting models, for bookies and punters alike. Since VALORANT is a very young game, Riot Games is still creating updates which can greatly affect the gameplay. In particular, they are still balancing the different agent’s strengths and abilities, making sure no agent is OP, not to mention the new agents that are frequently added.

Watch Tournaments and Streamers Regularly

If you want to take VALORANT betting seriously, or any other esport for that matter, you need to be up to date on everything that has to do with the game. Watch all relevant tournaments religiously, and subscribe to relevant twitch channels and streamers who focus on your specific niche.

Source: ValorantOfficial

Dont forget about META changes

META stands for Most Effective Tactics Available. In VALORANT, these are the best strategies, agents, agent combinations, and guns that the most effective teams use to maximize their win potential. Patches can often change these, so it is important to stay up to date. There are plenty of pros who create full strategy guides based on new updates, so remember to follow them as well.

VALORANT Viewership Climbs 39% In 5 Months - Stream Hatchet
Source: StreamHATCHET 2020

The game is very popular, like very very popular, hitting enormous number of pro players with each and every month passing by.

That means it has already attracted plenty of fans, and plenty of bettors as well. Which shows that huge number of gamers are interested in VALORANT esports scene, as well as promotion and gambling niche.

Valorant Ranks: tiers, badges, and progression

Visit VALORANT betting discord-twitter

Discord/Twitter/Reddit/Subreddits/Telegram groups forums where you can ask questions and find comments about esports betting. Find recent relevant questions that you are curious about, or why would you not create your own VALORANT betting topic on subredit?

Remember betting fundamentals

Whether you are betting on League of Legends, Dota2, Soccer or any other esport, it is always important to remember sound betting fundamentals. Here are a few:

  • Look for value!

Value is the most important concept in betting. While it is impossible to predict every match correctly, the trick is to find odds that do not reflect the true probability. The more the odds are incorrect, the more value you can find.

  • Always bet what you are willing to lose

Betting comes with its ups and downs. You may have a good win streak, but is important to always have enough money to compensate for losses and make sure you win more money than you lose.

We recommend not betting more than 3% of your portfolio on any single bet.

Stay Alerted, follow statistics channels

Checking stats is a very valuable tool, both for sports and esports punters. You should always find the most relevant stats before placing any bet on esports. Sites like provide detail stats for millions of esports players.

Why bet on VALORANT?

VALORANT is one of the most promising esports and looks set to become one of the most popular games for players and punters alike. Here are a few reasons why VALORANT betting might be a good idea.

Free bets, welcome bonuses and other promos

Most betting sites offer fun promos for both new and existing players. Existing players are enjoying high level VIP perks while the new users are grabbing any type of welcome bonus if possible when they decide to deposit for the first time.

These can include, free bets, first-deposit bonus, no-deposit bonus, play-through bonus and many more different one depending which betting provider decide to run on each month, sometimes every week!

It’s a really good and also a free way of winning a small extra prize for your deposited funds

The Best VALORANT Betting Sites Reviewed


N1BET is a one stop shop of casino, sportsbook, they have a dedicated esports section. New players can enjoy 10% WEEKLY CASHBACK in free bet credits. This brand is great for UK, European and International players. They allow not only classics like League of Legends or Dota 2 betting but also betting on some rising games like Starcraft 2. We invite you to read the GGBET & BITCASINO esport reviews

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1xBET is truly one of the major bookmakers for many punters when it comes to CSGO betting. They provide odds and cover almost every major CSGO event: including PGL, Blast Premier, ECS, FACEIT, ESEA Open and many more. They have global sponsorhip with MiBR the professional CSGO team! Esports live betting is also on the fire when it comes to their site, clean UI design with betting options displayed brings great view of whats happening in front of you.

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If you are looking for a good VALORANT gambling site, you cannot go wrong with Lootbet. Their robust esports and casino betting platform is surely a place to have much fun. Also as a sponsor of many Esports tournaments, this site is specialized in esports betting. They know which games to offer to make sure you get the most exciting betting options. This all-round betting site also includes sports betting and caters players from UK and around the world.

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What is the best VALORANT team?

The title of best VALORANT team 2021 would have to go to Acend, who won the inaugural VALORANT Champions title.

Where can I bet on VALORANT?

We recommend the following sites for VALORANT Betting: GGbet, 1xbet and thunderpick

Is VALORANT More Like CS:GO or Overwatch?

VALORANT focuses on aiming, shooting and team cooperation, making it similar to CS:GO. At the same time, special abilities each agent possesses can make a world of difference on the battlefield, similar to Overwatch. VALORANT is something between CS:GO and Overwatch.

Yes, VALORANT online betting is legal, if betting is legal in the territory where you reside. Many countries have legalized and / or regulated online gambling. In other countries, betting is not covered by law, making it a grey area. In any case, if sports betting is legal in your country, you can also legally bet on Valiant or any other esport.

BETATESPORTS – Verdict on Valorant gambling in 2022

The esport may have its first champion in Acend, many international esports organisations have set their sights on winning the 2022 championship. The VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 promises excitement, but also plenty of options for finding betting value.