In our Valorant Agent Tier List, we’ll take an in-depth view into the current meta and explain each agent’s role in it. Since Valorant is well on its way to becoming one of the biggest tactical shooters out there. Many people are keen on diving into the game themselves.

Gameplay-wise there is a vast variety of agents to choose from, all with their own unique abilities. To help you choose, we have made a Valorant Agent Tier List, ranking them from strongest to weakest.

Valorant Agent Tier List
Valorant Agent Tier List
  • This is our agent tier list of all of Valorant’s agents ranked from S to D rank.
  • Now, let’s dive into the specifics of each and every agent’s placement and qualification.

Valorant Agent Tier List - S-Tier
Image Credits | Riot Games

Chamber currently sits at the very top of the S rank in the current meta.
It’s no secret that Chamber’s pick and win rate are off the charts lately, and that’s not without good reason.

Chamber’s “Tour De Force” and “Headhunter” alone are considered the strongest weapons in Valorant. Tour De Force is a one bullet-one kill kind of sniper, even stronger than the Operator. Since it grants a kill on any direct hit. Headhunter is a pistol rifle, unique due to the fact that it’s the only in-game pistol with a scope and all of its bullets need to be purchased individually.

Ultimately, it is Chamber’s signature move Rendezvous that sets him apart from the competition, dethroning Jett in the process. For a long time, Jett was the only agent who could miss a shot out in the open and dash away to safety. Now, with his Rendezvous, Chamber can do the exact same thing with the snap of a finger.

Valorant Agent Tier List - Jett
Image Credits | Riot Games

No surprise here. Despite countless nerfs to her kit, Jett has simply refused to leave the S-tier. By far the most proficient Duelist in the meta as well as the game itself.

While Jett provides next to no utility for her team. Her agility makes up for it, providing opportunity for outstanding impact and performance if one knows how to wield her.

Valorant Agent Tier List - S-Tier
Image Credits | Riot Games

The next agent in line is Killjoy, and we believe that having a Killjoy on your team is a must in the current meta. While Killjoy can be very valuable on the Attacking side, it is on Defence where she is the most impactful.

Her Lockdown ability is a great tool for both taking and re-taking a site. While her Nanoswarm grenade and Alarmbot do an amazing job of inflicting damage and giving information.

Although she is not as strong as she used to be. With recent nerfs limiting her to only one site for her utility. One should tread lightly while entering a site that she controls.

Valorant Brimstone
Image Credits | Riot Games

And here comes our favorite smoker in the entire Agent Tier List; Brimmy the Stimmy.

Since Brimstone has received buffs to his Sky Smokes and Stim Beacon, his playtime and overall performance have greatly increased. Although it’s arguable that Brimmy isn’t as strong on big maps as he is on smaller ones (like Bind). He still manages to make a great impact for his team wherever he goes.

In addition, his Orbital Strike manages to cut-off entire areas and prevent enemies from taking a site/plating/rushing/etc.

Valorant Sova
Image Credits | Riot Games

Sova is yet another must-have in every well-placed composition. This initiator’s ability to gather information with his Owl Drone and Recon Bolt is unmatched. The moment Sova spots and targets an enemy, even from a distance, he is more than capable of executing the enemy with his Hunter’s Fury.

Still, for Sova to reach his full potential, the player must devote a lot of time mastering him for he does not perform as well without tailor-made lineups.

Valorant Sage
Image Credits | Riot Games

Although Sage is no longer considered an essential pick in every lineup due to the many nerfs and adjustments she received, she still should not be underestimated.

Her Slow and Barrier Orb are still very effective at slowing and blocking enemies off, at least for a short period of time, enough to let the rest of your team reposition or rotate.

But truth be told, the most prominent reason Sage still hangs on to the S-tier is her ability to revive a teammate with her Resurrection in any clutch situation.

Valorant Skye
Image Credits | Riot Games

Diving into the A-Tier with our beloved Skye at the top of the list. Skye is arguably the best Initiator you can actually break onto a site with.

She can fluidly control her Guiding Light around corners and over edges to blind her enemies and even gives an audio call-off for her entire team to know whether she has blinded an enemy or not.

In addition to her healing ability Regrowth, her ultimate Seekers can make any situation easier for it gives information on the enemy’s whereabouts.

Valorant Astra
Image Credits | Riot Games

While Astra most certainly isn’t a fan favorite pick (especially in low ELO), we think that she can still be of great value if one knows how to play her well.

Astra was hit with heavy nerfs in Patch 4.04 and her play rate has been decreasing ever since.
In spite of all of this, we put Astra in the A-Tier because of her ability to both initiate and control.

With her global range, she manages to smoke, pull in, damage, and slow enemies as she pleases. With all that in mind, she can be of great use in any well-formed team, especially with efficient voice comms.

Valorant Viper
Image Credits | Riot Games

Viper would’ve easily been put in the S-Tier if it weren’t for the nerfs she received in Patch 4.04. With her fuel drain consumption increased by 50% while her Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud are both active, Viper is not as scary as she used to be.

Despite that, Viper is still a force when it comes to controlling a single site on the Defender side. Even by herself. But to fully reach her potential, on both the Attacker and Defender side. One has to practice and learn her optimal lineups.

Valorant Reyna
Image Credits | Riot Games

Reyna is not the beast she once was but if you’re the type of player who wants to be the top dog. Moreover constantly looking for action, she is the right pick for you.

While now having fewer charges for her Devour and Dismiss. She can still outplay and even clutch in a 5v1 situation if a player is skilled enough. Her blind also provides enough time for her to safely enter and get those souls dropping. 

Valorant Raze
Image Credits | Riot Games

In the hands of a pro player who knows what they are doing, Raze can be absolutely terrifying. The same cannot be said for the average Joe picking her in low-mid elo.

Her abilities are fairly costly and her Blast Packs are extremely hard to use without some considerable time spent practicing. However, her Boom Bot, Paint Shells grenades, and Showstopper ultimate are all strong enough for the average player to make great use of them.

Valorant KAY/O
Image Credits | Riot Games

The Terminator of Valorant, once seen as an S-Tier agent shortly after his release. Unfortunately is now stuck in the B-Tier with has no ambition of climbing up again.

We put KAY/O at the top of B-Tier due to his ability to provide enough information on the enemies whereabouts, especially in the early stage of a match.

In addition to that, his flash grenade is extremely good and a godsend for any CS:GO-like player who decided to make his way to Valorant.

Valorant Neon
Image Credits | Riot Games

Since her release, Neon has not shown much improvement with her pick and win rate overall. That’s not to say that Neon is a bad Duelist, she’s simply not as good as the 3 previously mentioned duelists.

One thing she has going for her, which puts her above the remaining 2 Duelists, is that she is extremely fun to play. Her ability to run quickly and chase enemies with a deadly lighting beam makes her unpredictable.

Valorant Breach
Image Credits | Riot Games

Breach can be a great asset to your team. His abilities arrange for excellent site-taking opportunities. He is able to flash, knockback, concuss, slow down and damage his enemies.

Though, his biggest downside is that his abilities affect both his enemies and teammates, so an inexperienced Breach can do just as much harm to you as to your enemies.

Valorant Phoenix
Image Credits | Riot Games

Phoenix is simply an average Duelist at best. He is not bad, but does not have any outstanding qualities that can shoot him to the top of this agent tier list.

Aside from Reyna, he is the only other Duelist with the ability to heal himself (although he does not require kills/assists like Reyna). What makes him stand out the most is his ultimate Run it Back which can be beneficial in any make-or-break situation.

Valorant Yoru
Image Credits | Riot Games

Yoru has seen a big increase of playtime since the last mini rework (adjustments) made to him. His Fakeout now allows him to create a copy of himself that walks forward in any direction you point it at.

Once the enemy kills your clone, they are instantly flashed. This change alone has piqued the interest of many players, but unfortunately, none of that has impacted his overall win rate and performance.

You can still make interesting plays with his teleport and ultimate Dimensional Drift though.

Valorant Omen
Image Credits | Riot Games

Omen is definitely not the smoker he once was with his Dark Cover having a cooldown timer. Pro players might manage to get a lot more out of the agent, but for the overall picture, Omen seems to be just an average agent, having nothing to make him stand out. 

Surely, you can make interesting plays with his teleport, but even those give off a distinct sound from which you can pinpoint Omen’s exact location. 

His ultimate can either be a killer in clutch situations where you confuse the opponent, or completely useless. The only benefit is that no matter where you are, you can teleport to the spike to equip it if dropped and cancel the ultimate to go back to your current position.

We hope to see some buffs and tweaks to Omen to bring him back into the game.

Valorant Cypher
Image Credits | Riot Games

It’s a shame to see Cypher at the bottom of the tier list, but he simply isn’t as good as he used to be. Moreover, Killjoy and Sova do a much better job at doing what he does. 

If you know what you’re doing, Cypher can still make value for his team, especially on the Defender side. On the Attacked side, however, Cypher falls off quickly since his kit is not designed for any time of aggressive playstyle. Even his ultimate is one of the most disliked ultimates in the entire Valorant community. 

Cypher will have to see some major changes and adjustments if he wants to ever see the light of a higher tier.

This is our final Agent Tier List that matches the current Patch 7.10 and meta. As the new Patch updates roll out, we will regularly modify and adjust this tier list based on each agent’s overall state and performance. Be sure to revisit and check for updates.

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