Are you tired of your bot lane feeding the enemy team, so you want to take matters into your own hands? Or do you just want to play bot lane with a friend and have a good time destroying the enemy?
In either case, the best way to perform well in the bot lane is to know which champions do best with others. To help you pick out the best combinations, here’s our list of the Top 7 Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends:

7. Vayne and Alistar – Crowd Control Masters

vayne and alistar botlane duo
Vayne and Alistar

Bot Lane Synergy

Vayne and Alistar have strong bot lane synergy. Alistar is a great champion for punishing enemy mistakes and locking them down, giving Vayne the opportunity to land her Silver Bolts proc. Alistar also has the tank stats to absorb some damage for Vayne, and in most cases, he even runs Stoneborn Pact to negate damage dealt to her.

Crowd Control

Alistar is the definition of crowd control, using his Headbutt to keep enemies away from Vayne and his Pulverize to keep them at bay if they do manage to get onto her. If Alistar performs his combo next to a wall, it sets Vayne up for an easy condemn.

6. Ashe and Miss Fortune – A Dynamic Bot Lane Duo

miss fortune and ashe bot lane duos
Miss Fortune and Ashe

Bot Lane Synergy Pioneers

At the Season 6 World Championships, Jong-in “Pray” Kim and Beom-hyeon “Gorilla” Kang of ROX Tigers were the pioneers of the Ashe and Miss Fortune bot lane duo. They generated a gold lead on the bottom side of the map, taking two games off of SK Telecom T1.

The Dynamic Combo

Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time is a combination that will forever be in the history books of League of Legends. The arrow hits its target, ensuring that whoever it hits is dead to rights. Miss Fortune’s base damage on her ultimate is incredibly high, meaning she doesn’t need much to get going. This bot lane synergy shines when the levels reach 6, and the lane starts rolling.

5. Ezreal and Sona – The Ideal Bot Lane for New Players

Ezreal and Sona

Bot Lane Synergy

The true bot lane synergy lies in their ultimate abilities. If Sona can land a good Crescendo, it sets up Ezreal for a powerful Trueshot Barrage. This combination can turn the tables in almost any fight in a matter of seconds, making it a formidable force in the bot lane.

Mobility and Sustain

Ezreal is known for his mobility, which allows him to stay safe in the lane. Sona has the sustain to keep her alive, even when her partner “accidentally” Arcane Shifts forward. This combination of mobility and sustain is ideal for newer players, who may not have the experience or reflexes to avoid danger.

Incredible Lane Presence

Ezreal and Sona have incredible lane presence. Ezreal is capable of chipping away at an enemy’s health bar with Mystic Shot from a safe distance, while Sona does the dirty work up close. Her poke is powerful, and it is not uncommon for Sona to out-damage her ADC. With Ezreal’s help, this duo deals sustained damage, making it a lane that is difficult to withstand.

4. Lulu and Kog’Maw – The Attack Speed Redemption

bot lane duos kog'maw and lulu
Kog’Maw and Lulu

Kog’Maw’s Needs Met by Lulu

Lulu is the perfect support for Kog’Maw, providing him with everything he needs to thrive in the bot lane. Lulu’s zoning tools, shields, attack and move speed buffs, peel, and heal make her the ideal champion to protect Kog’Maw during his rough laning phase. She can keep enemies away from Kog’Maw’s cs, and should anyone slip past her defenses, she can quickly turn them into a bunny or ult them off of Kog’Maw.

Lulu’s Buffs for Kog’Maw

Lulu’s attack speed and movement speed buff are essential for the immobile Kog’Maw in the late game. These buffs allow Kog’Maw to get many more autos off than he should and ensure that he is safe while doing so. This bot lane synergy makes them a formidable force to be reckoned with, making them one of the best duos in League of Legends.

3. Xayah and Rakan -The Mobility Domination

bot lane duos xayah and rakan
Rakan and Xayah

Synchronized Recalls

One of the unique features of Xayah and Rakan is their synchronized recalls. If Rakan is recalling, Xayah can join him after picking up a few minions, and vice versa. This can lead to some funny plays, such as Rakan jumping into enemies and jumping back to Xayah to join her recall. While it may not have much tactical use, it’s a fun mechanic that adds to the bot lane synergy of the duo.

Rakan’s Kit

Rakan’s kit reaches its peak when playing with Xayah. The shield dash range of Rakan is doubled, making him the most mobile champion in the game. He can go for engages that would otherwise be too risky to attempt. Xayah is able to follow up on Rakan’s engages from a long range, rooting enemies with her feathers while they are airborne.

2. Kalista and Taric – A Match Made in Heaven

bot lane duos kalista and taric
Kalista and Taric

The Early Game

Kalista is a champion with a unique and fun kit, and her ultimate ability Fate’s Call is a great tool for saving her support’s life. Meanwhile, Taric is a support champion who is great at starting team fights. Until both Kalista and Taric have their ultimate abilities, the early game might be a bit challenging for them. However, when they reach the later stages of the game, their bot lane synergy is displayed in full.

Starting Team Fights

When it comes to starting team fights, Taric is the perfect support for Kalista. The knock up effect from Fate’s Call can be used as a free stun for Taric, which forces enemies to focus on him. This sets up a perfect opportunity for Cosmic Radiance, allowing Kalista to stack up as many hits as possible with her Rend ability.

1. Twitch and Tresh – The Ultimate Bot Lane Duo

Thresh and Twitch
Thresh and Twitch

Peel and Engage

Twitch, a champion with high damage potential and stealth, requires a support who can offer him the necessary peel and engage. Thresh, with his exceptional crowd control and defensive abilities, fits this role perfectly.

Thresh’s hook is a valuable tool for Twitch. It provides the opportunity for Twitch to stack his Contaminate before Thresh decides to engage. In the case that Thresh does decide to engage, Twitch can then activate Contaminate and turn the trade heavily in their favor. If Thresh chooses not to engage, Twitch can continue farming while Thresh offers the necessary peel.

Ult Synchronization

The combination of Twitch and Thresh’s ults results in a potent bot lane synergy. Thresh’s box keeps the two champions close together and if the enemy tries to escape, they will be hit with a 90% slow, making it difficult to escape the combined damage of both champions. This bot lane synergy is particularly effective when the ults are used in unison.

Conclusion on League of Legends Bot Lane Synergies

In conclusion, there are several bot lane duos that can thrive in League of Legends. Kog’Maw and Lulu, Xayah and Rakan, Kalista and Taric, and Twitch and Thresh are just a few examples. Each duo has its own unique strengths, such as Lulu providing protection for Kog’Maw. Xayah and Rakan’s synchronized recalls, Kalista and Taric’s team fighting prowess, and Twitch and Thresh’s effective peel and engage.

Ultimately, the best bot lane duo will depend on playstyle, personal preference, and the current meta. Whether it’s for fun or competitive play, these bot lane duos have proven to be formidable combinations in the bot lane.

FAQ on League of Legends Bot Lane Duo Synergies

What is a bot lane duo in League of Legends?

  • A bot lane duo in League of Legends refers to a pairing of two champions. Who play in the bottom lane together, with one being the marksman (ADC) and the other being the support.

What makes a bot lane duo strong in League of Legends?

  • A strong bot lane duo in League of Legends is one that has complementary skills and abilities. As well as good map awareness and coordination, and the ability to effectively communicate and execute strategies.

How do bot lane duo synergies work in League of Legends?

  • Bot lane duo synergies work in League of Legends by combining the skills and abilities of two champions. Therefore, in a way that enhances their overall performance and effectiveness in the bottom lane. These synergies can provide benefits such as increased damage output, improved protection, and greater mobility.

Can I play a bot lane duo with any champion in League of Legends?

  • You can play a bot lane duo with any champion in League of Legends. But some champions work better together than others based on their skills and abilities. It is important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of both champions when selecting a bot lane duo.

How do I determine the best bot lane duo for me in League of Legends?

  • The best bot lane duo for you will depend on your playstyle. Moreover, the champions you are comfortable playing, and the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy bot lane duo. It is important to experiment with different bot lane duos and find what works best for you.

What are some of the most popular bot lane duos in League of Legends?

  • Some of the most popular bot lane duos in League of Legends are Xayah and Rakan, Kog’Maw and Lulu, Kalista and Taric, and Twitch and Thresh.

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