After months of speculation, Valve has finally released its famed Battle Pass for The International 2022. This year’s Battle Pass will be separated into two different parts, with Part I lasting from September 1st – November 2nd. Part II of the Battle Pass will run well after The International 2022 with Valve stating that they aim to keep the player base entertained even after the event has concluded. Apart from additional content, Part II will also feature the fan-favorite Diretide event.

The Battle Pass has been a staple of both the Dota 2 scene and The International since 2013. It’s primarily used as a crowdfunding source for TI. Thanks to the game’s dedicated player base, the Battle Pass has resulted in consecutive record-breaking prize pools for the event. With a base price of $9.99 as well as additional options, 25% of all the sales will go directly into The International 11 prize pool. Last year’s prize pool will certainly be a tall task to overcome, seeing as it came out to a total of $40,018,195.

The International 2022 Battle Pass Content

The biggest highlight of Part I is definitely the Claszian Apostasy Faceless Void Arcana, with the Voidstorm Asylum Razor Arcana arriving later on. Obtaining them will be no easy task seeing as they are unlocked at levels 495 and 383 respectively.

Claszian Apostasy Faceless Void Arcana | Image Credits | Valve

Part I of the TI 11 Battle Pass will feature three different treasures for players to open. Apart from the Immortal Treasure I, players will be able to earn and open the Ageless Heirlooms 2022 and The Battle Pass Collection 2022 bundles.

The Immortal Treasure I features nine different sets:

  • Centaur Warrunner — Infernal Cavalcade
  • Enchantress — Flutterstep
  • Templar Assasin — Seclusions of the Void
  • Venomancer — Aktok’s Glory
  • Meepo — Everglyph Goggles
  • Bristleback — Blastmitt Berserker
  • Templar Assasin — Golden Seclusions of the Void
  • Centaur Warrunner — Golden Infernal Cavalcade
  • Hoodwink — The Strings of Suradan
  • The Battle Pass 2022 Emblem

Apart from the treasures, players will be able to unlock a myriad of different in-game taunts, sprays, and more as they level up their Battle Pass.

Despite the number of additions, the reception towards the pass has been only lukewarm so far. Fans have quickly pointed out a huge number of features missing in this year’s pass compared to previous ones. Standard additions like creep skins and terrain, gambling mechanics, and even a third immortal chest are just some of the things missing this year.

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