What is Provably Fair Gaming?

Provably fairness is the process which allows players from all over the world to manually and personally verify the fairness of the games that they’re playing online. In order to achieve this, casinos that work on the blockchain use a special code called the provably fair algorithm.

The algorithm generates an encrypted key with the end results of the game, sends it to the player alongside another key that will allow them to verify the correctitude of the games at the end of the session.

Provably Fair Casino

  • Use the provably fair algorithm that generates the hands and keeps them in a hash that can later be verified by players;
  • Don’t need to use third party companies thanks to the provably fair algorithm and the blockchain, which is a public ledger.
  • Thanks to the provably fair algorithm and the blockchain, which is a public ledger, they don’t need to be

Regular Casino

  • Use random number generators for the outcomes of hands that are played.
  • Don’t allow players to personally verify the correctitude of the hands that are played.
  • Are only trustworthy if you trust the third party companies that review casinos for legitimacy.
Provably Fair Casinos
Source: Provably

How Does Provably Fair Casino Works?

There are several ways to implement the provably fair method in online casinos, but the most common involves the use of three variables: the serverseed provided by the casino, the clientseed provided by the player’s browser, and the nonce, which increases by one with each new game hand to track the hand’s position within the session.

The player can verify the fairness of the game by using the hashed serverseed to reveal the original, unhashed serverseed at the end of the game. To do this, the player can use specific tools, such as a SHA256 calculator, to compare the hashed serverseed to the original serverseed. If the two are identical, the game was fair. To do this, the player can:

  • Serverseed: this is provided by the casino itself.
  • Clientseed: this is provided by the browser you’re playing on.
  • Nonce: with each new hand, this variable increases by one so you can keep track of which hand is which by the end of the session.


  • Provided by your browser and adjusted by you.
  • Your browser will generate a random clientseed.
  • However, you can adjust this clientseed before start.
  • This way your clientseed is safe and hidden.


  • (Hashed + Unhashed)
  • Provided by the gambling site
  • Unhashed Data – 287d5d2ddd365f54759283a
  • Hashed SHA 256 – 4tb59780d512265230d5ef
Source: betandbeat

Verify the Results

Before you begin playing, you do not receive the unhashed serverseed. This would allow you to read it and play all hands as a winner, since the seed holds information about the results of all hands you will receive. Instead, you receive a hashed serverseed after your session ends. You can use this to reveal the old, unhashed serverseed.

To verify if you have been cheated, you need to follow two easy steps:

  • Step 1: Make sure that the hashed serverseed that the site is throwing at you is the actual hash of the unhashed serverseed. If this is the case, you’re fine. You know that the site has given you the right serverseed and you can go ahead and verify the fairness. For all you know, the site can be throwing a fake serverseed your way.
  • To verify the seed, use an online tool like Xorbin to generate the SHA256 hash of the unhashed serverseed. Once you do that, you can check to see if the two hashes are the same. If they are, you can calculate the results and compare them to the ones provided.
  • Step 2: You will have to generate each roll result by yourself, and then compare it to the rolls you made on the site. This will take some time if you’re doing it manually, which is why it is better to use an online tool and speed things up.

Encryption in Provably Fair Games

As previously mentioned, the provably fair algorithm is a code used by online casinos to ensure the fairness of their games. One example of a casino that uses this algorithm is FortuneJack.

In this casino, the algorithm generates two seeds which, when combined, determine the outcome of a game. The seeds are generated before the game starts and are hashed to make them secure.

  • Players can then verify the fairness of the game at the end of their playtime by comparing the results of their game to the seeds.

How FortuneJack’s Provably Fair Algorithm Works

FortuneJack creates the main seed before the game starts and hashes it. Players can see the hash of the main seed at any time, whether a game is in progress or has ended. The random.org randomizer creates the secondary seed after each round of the game.

Random Seed Generation

  • After each round in a coin flip game, the code releases a new secondary seed.
  • Random.org assigns a serial number value to each new seed to prevent manipulation

Preventing Manipulation

  • Serial number values assigned to new seeds prevent the casino from manipulating results
  • This ensures fairness and transparency in the game

The player can use the main and secondary seeds to generate a long number. This number serves as a seed for pseudo-random number generation and determines the outcome of a coin flip or scratch card ticket. To verify the fairness of the game, the player can compare the generated values to their actual results. If they match, the game was fair.

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How BC.Game’s Provably Fair Algorithm Works

Verifying the Fairness of a Game

When you have finished playing a game, you will receive an unencrypted version of the client seed. This allows you to verify the fairness of the game. You can confirm the results on the website using a verifier. Simply input the unhashed seeds to see if the value it produces is the same as the one in the game.

Crypto Gambling Foundation

BC.Game is a verified operator on the Crypto Gambling Foundation network. This foundation aims to uphold the highest standards of provably fair gambling, and we are proud to be a part of it.

If you want to learn more about how this technology protects you and the power it has in the industry, you can visit the Crypto Gambling Foundation website at https://cryptogambling.org/.

Verifying Your Bets

To verify the fairness of a game, you can check the details of your bets under the game you played. Here’s how:

  • Select “MY BETS”
  • Click on the bet ID of the game.
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Calculating With the Nonce

During a session, you may make tens, hundreds, or even thousands of bets. This can make it difficult to manually calculate and compare the results of the serverseed to your actual results. To easily verify the fairness of the rolls or hands played, it is best to use a provably fair verifier. Many popular sites that offer provably fair games have verifiers available.

Verify Your Calculations

To use a provably fair verifier, you need to input the seeds and the number of bets made. The verifier will then check the serverseed hash and provide a list of results. You can compare this list to the results from the casino.

  • If the results match, it means the provably fair algorithm was implemented correctly and the games you played were fair.

The Importance of Provably Fair Algorithms

Provably fair algorithms are crucial in ensuring the fairness of online games. They work by providing players with a secret seed at the start of the game, which the machine uses to generate random outcomes. At the end of the game, players can use the seed to verify the fairness of the game they have played. By following these three steps, players can trust that the games they play online are truly random and fair.

Provably Fair Algorithms
Source: Provably

Frequently Asked Questions about Provably Fair Gambling

What is Provably Fair gambling?

Players can verify the fairness of a game by comparing the calculated results, obtained using the seeds and the algorithm, to the actual results of the game. Many online casinos use Provably Fair gambling to offer players a transparent and fair gaming experience.

Is Provably Fair gambling trustworthy?

Provably Fair technology is a reliable and trustworthy method of ensuring fair play in online gambling. It has been extensively tested and is widely considered to be effective.

How does Provably Fair technology work?

Provably Fair technology uses an algorithm that generates a seed for the game before it begins. This seed is combined with another seed generated by the player’s device to create the outcome of the game. At the end of the game, players can use the original seed to verify the fairness of the results.

Are all online casino games Provably Fair?

No, not all online casino games are Provably Fair. It is important to check the specific terms and conditions of a game or casino to determine whether it utilizes Provably Fair technology.

Can I play Provably Fair games on my mobile device?

Many online casinos offer games that use Provably Fair technology, which can be played on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

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