The League of Legends Worlds 2022 is just around the block, as the event kicks off with its Play-In Stage. In the inaugural stage, twelve teams will compete for the final four spots at the main event. Among those twelve teams, we’ve got a mixture of regional hopefuls as well as teams from the strongest League of Legends leagues who just barely missed out on directly qualifying.

While regional teams in the past were viewed as walk-overs more often than not, the skill gap has significantly decreased over the last couple of years. With regions slowly but surely getting closer in terms of quality, the Play-Ins could prove to be the start of a Cinderelly story for some teams, but could just as likely turn out to be a nightmare for others.

As millions of fans tune in to watch their favorite teams compete for a chance to write their names in League of Legends history, so do many League of Legends betting punters looking to capitalize on their luck and knowledge. Stay tuned with us for even more Worlds 2022 League of Legends news, breakdowns, and predictions as one of the biggest esports events of the year slowly kicks off.

Worlds 2022 Play-In Stage Schedule & Format

The Play-In stage will run from September 29th – October 4th. The stage itself is divided into two different rounds – Groups Stage and Knockout Stage. All of the Play-In matches will be played on LAN at the Arena Esports Stadium in Mexico City, Mexico.

Group Stage

  • The twelve participating teams are divided into two separate groups
  • The Groups will be played in a single round-robin
  • All matches are best-of-ones
  • The top team from each group will advance directly to the Main Event
  • The second-fourth teams will advance to the Knockout Stage
  • The bottom two teams from each group will be eliminated
Image Credits | League of Legends Twitter

Knockout Stage

  • The six remaining teams will be seeded according to their group standings
  • Runners up from the groups will be seeded directly into the Qualification Round
  • Third-placed teams will face off against fourth-placed teams from the same group in the Elimination Round
  • The two winners from the Qualification Round will advance to the Worlds 2022 Main Event
  • All matches are best-of-fives

Worlds 2022 Play-In Groups & Betting Odds

Group A

Group A seems to be a two-horse race featuring the biggest League of Legends rivalry – EU vs. NA. Both Fnatic and EG are looking like a step above the rest of the competition, and the betting odds certainly do reflect that. Looking at the rest of the teams, Beyond Gaming is looking like a team that could have a serious chance to disrupt the status quo. Another team that should not be counted out by any means is DetonatioN, as they do have a track record at Worlds of taking scalps from bigger teams. Lastly, we’ve got The Chiefs and LOUD who are looking like complete outsiders.

Evil GeniusesLCS3.00
Beyond GamingPCS11.00
DetonatioN FocusMeLJL15.00
The Chiefs ESports ClubLCO34.00
Group Winner Odds by GG.BET

Group B

At first glance, Group B is definitely more stacked than Group A, seeing as we’ve got RNG and DRX leading the charge. Considering their overall quality, both teams are more than capable of even winning Worlds 2022. Outside of them, MAD Lions seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Considering the format, Saigon Buffalo definitely do have the quality to make a surprise upset. Finally, we’ve got Istanbul Wild Cats and Isurus Gaming who are looking well in over their heads when you stack them up against the rest of the competition.

Royal Never Give UpLPL1.36
MAD LionsLEC13.00
Saigon BuffaloVCS34.00
Istanbul Wild CatsTCL51.00
Isurus GamingLLA101.00
Group Winner Odds by GG.BET

Worlds 2022 Betting Guide

As far as the actual betting on Worlds 2022 goes, the biggest tip for all potential punters is to do your homework. League of Legends is a game with its own meta and flow, with different regions employing different playstyles. Whether you’re an actual League of Legends player, casual esports fan, or pure bettor, it pays off to know what you’re actually betting on.

If the game seems a bit too much for you, you can always tune in and pay close attention to the commentators and analysts. Most of them are either high-ranking players or former professionals themselves and can give you some valuable insight.

Conventional Betting

Conventional betting is always the most popular and simple method. There are three types of conventional betting methods you can use to wager during the tournament:

  1. Pre-Match Betting
  2. Live/In-Play Betting
  3. Tournament/Outright Winner Betting

Special Betting

Special betting in League of Legends revolves around the game itself and the different in-game mechanics. In-game knowledge is necessary when it comes to special betting in League, as you could be stuck playing a game of pure chance if you’re not quite familiar with it.

Special Bets in League of Legends are closely tied to the in-game mechanics | Image Credits | Riot Games

With a vast number of different tactics teams use on their road to victory, different playstyles tend to focus on different objectives. You can use this to your advantage, and give yourself a valuable edge when wagering on special bets in League of Legends.

Some of the most popular types of special bets you can wager on during the tournament include:

  1. Map Duration – Wager on a specific time in which the game will be completed.
  2. Race to Kills – Wager on which of the two opposing teams gets to a certain amount of kills first.
  3. Total Kills – Wager on a specific number of kills that will happen in a game.
  4. First Dragon – Wager on which team kills the first Dragon in the match.
  5. First Baron – Wager on which team kills the first Baron in the match.
  6. First Inhibitor – Wager on which team kills the first Inhibitor in the match.

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