League of Legends Game Modes

We have all heard of League of Legends and know of its impact on the competitive scene, but what makes the game so fun to play aside from that (especially for newcomers) ? You’ve guessed it, it’s different game modes!

Of course, we have the Standard game modes that are always available to play, and the Featured game modes that  go through the rotating game mode queue (meaning they occur periodically and are available to play for a limited amount of time).

Most of the modes that we’re going to mention here take place on the battleground famously known as Summoner’s Rift, and others on the Howling Abyss.
So let’s get into it!

Standard Game Modes

Draft Mode

This mode is split into 3 separate modes:

Draft Pick, Ranked (Solo/Duo) and Ranked Flex, all of which require the players to select a primary and secondary role before queuing up for a match and allow a Ban and Pick phase during champion selection.

Draft Pick is the base mode.

Ranked (Solo/Duo) has a bit of a challenge to it. Here, you can queue up by yourself or with just one other premade. It places you into a rank and grades you based on your Wins and Losses, meaning you either gain or lose League Points (LP) which are necessary for rank progression. 

Ranked Flex is a game mode where people can enter the competitive field with either a party of three or a full premade team of five players, and does not affect your rating in Solo/Duo. This mode, in particular, is great for teams who wish to practice and participate in the Clash Tournaments.

Blind Pick

Blind Pick is a mode that doesn’t require a player to select a role before queuing up, and doesn’t have a Ban and Pick phase. But what makes it fun to play is that it also allows mirror matchups (same champions occurring in both teams).

ARAM (All Random All Mid)

League of Legends Howling Abyss
Howling Abyss

The name says it all…ARAM is a mode where all the players are assigned one random champion in the champion selection, with the ability to reroll (up to two times) and trade their champion with another player in their team. 

Things can get pretty crazy on ARAM since it features a single lane to battle on, the Howling Abyss! It also gives players reduced cooldown and respawn time as well as some unique items that aren’t featured in Summoner’s Rift. 

Featured Game Modes

Legend of the Poro King

League of Legends Poro King
Poro King

Another mode that is, much like ARAM, set on the Howling Abyss and has the same perks of reduced cooldowns and cool items is the Legend of the Poro King. Here you get to fight with and against the Poro King himself. He fights alongside your own and the enemy’s team once summoned.

Each player is given a  little Poro to toss at their enemies (in the form of a summoner spell, with the ability to recast after cooldown). The first team to land 10 successful hits on enemy champions gets to summon the almighty Poro King to fight alongside them!

After a team summons the Poro King, you and your allies are able to give him treats that make him excited and do cool stunts, such as breathing fire!

URF (Ultra-Rapid Fire)

League of Legends Urf, the Manatee
Urf, the Manatee

If you want to get into a quick but exciting match with your buddies and be able to make crazy plays you’ve never been able to do before, then the Ultra-Rapid Fire mode is just for you!

Here are a few mentions to why this is perhaps League’s most beloved game mode;

  • Each player has approximately 75% cooldown reduction on all of their abilities and summoner spells
  • Decreased healing at the beginning of the game that increases over time
  • A cannon in spawn that allows players to launch themselves into the map and quickly get back into the game 
  • Full gold value of nearby minions dying, whether the player kills it or not
  • Increased XP gain and increased level cap (from 18 to 30), etc.
  • URF allows players to pick their own champion, whilst ARURF (All Random Ultra-Rapid Fire) assigns random champions to players much like in ARAM.

Nexus Blitz

League of Legends Nexus Blitz
Nexus Blitz

Nexus Blitz is a 5v5 game mode set on a new and unique map called Temple of Lily and Lotus. This mode only features two roles to pick from; Lane and Jungle. With a total of two lanes, players are split into 2 junglers and 3 laners. 

This mode is designed to last a lot shorter than others, but also contains more exciting content like Mini Events that grant the winning team rewards such as buffs, effects and even a cool battle sled that the entire team can fit into and drive through the map! 

The game mode was first introduced to us in July 2018 (alpha testing), and surprised us with a temporary comeback again in 2019 due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from it’s player base. Nexus Blitz was brought back another time in 2020 and it’s only a matter of time until we are invited into the Temple again.

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