Valve has released the long-awaited patch 7.32 for Dota 2 in the midst of ESL One Malaysia. The patch was heavily anticipated, especially after the results seen at the Arlington Major. The tournament showed us that the gameplay tempo has gotten fairly out of control, as well as the fact that Dire had a bit of an unfair advantage. With TI Qualifiers just around the block, the release date of 7.32 also means that teams will have plenty of time to adjust to the new changes ahead of The International 2022.

Prior to the release of Patch 7.32, Dota 2’s overall tempo of the heavily favored mid-game team compositions. Matches were decided by one big team fight more often than not, after which teams would snowball out of control. With such disarray, the comeback mechanic Dota 2 was once famous for had been mostly thrown out of the window.

Primal Beast - Patch 7.32
Primal Beast Enters The Fray in Patch 7.32 | Image Credits | Valve

The changes in patch 7.32 go far beyond the balancing of both heroes and items. The most substantial changes were made to experience acquisition, passive gold income, in-game mechanics, and the Dota 2 map itself. Primal Beast, the latest hero addition to the game has also been allowed in Captain’s Mode with Patch 7.32, albeit with some balance changes to his overall kit. When all is said and done, Dota 2 Patch 7.32 has been released with one mission in mind – to slow down the game as much as possible.

Dota 2 Patch 7.32 Gameplay Changes

The most monumental changes were made to the leveling and gold mechanics in the game. Experience acquisition was rescaled from x^2 – x + 8 to 1.25x^2 – 2.5x + 10. Passive Gold income per minute has also been decreased by 15%.

Changes in the way experience is acquired means that heroes will need more experience to level up. On the other hand, the decrease in passive gold income will be a disaster for support players. This change will be somewhat offset by the introduction of the new “Flagbearer Creep” that spawns every other creep wave. The new creep has 40% magic resistance and an Inspiration Aura, which grants +3 Health Regen to all allies within a 700 range. Killing the enemy Flagbearer will grant you and each allied hero within a 1200 radius bonus gold equal to 100% of a Melee Creep’s bounty. 

Flagbearer Creep - Patch 7.32
Flagbearer Creep | Image Credits | Valve

Overall, supports will definitely be going through an in-game recession until further notice.

Another big change also comes to the Glyph of Fortification mechanic. Teams will be able to use the glyph far more often, as it will be reset whenever the first tower of a specific tier falls. With this change, teams will no longer be able to march through an opponent’s lane and take their structures in quick succession.

Map changes in Dota 2 Patch 7.32 are also plentiful. Both of the mid-lane small camps have been removed. Changes to the overall map layout mean that the Dire side will have a tougher time getting to the Roshan Pit.

Map Changes - Patch 7.32
Dire’s Ramp Towards Rosh Pit Has Been Moved | Image Credits | EscoreNews

Lastly, the Anicent itself was buffed, getting an increase from 13 to 23, as well as having its backdoor protection HP Regen doubled from 90hp/s to 180hp/s. Fountain Invulnerability has also been rebalanced, as now it applies on respawn regardless of whether there’s an enemy hero nearby.

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