Cryptocurrencies are the new major revelation in the online gambling industry. They’ve taken the crypto casino market by storm, and are slowly creeping into the crypto betting market as well.

What is actually crypto Betting?

Crypto betting is exactly like betting on any other Sports event but the player is using crypto as the preferred currency.

Of course, it’s not just Bitcoin. Online bookies these days offer a range of cryptocurrencies you can bet with. Ethereum betting is picking up steam, and many sites also allow you to bet with Dogecoin, Litecoin, and others. You can even earn some Snacks while you’re at it. Using cryptocurrencies at sports betting sites has its own advantages, but more importantly, they give operators a perfect vehicle to deliver fantastic bonuses.

How Profitable Is Crypto Casino for Players and Businessmen?

Sports betting sites are as competitive as sports teams when it comes to offering the best possible conditions to new and existing bettors. Everyone’s trying to lure a bettor more, and besides free bets and bonuses, many do that with Bitcoin betting.


There are many online bookies that accept cryptocurrencies these days. We’ve listed them all for your convenience after a thorough inspection of their services and features. The fact that there’s a great variety of Bitcoin betting sites is great. However, quantity doesn’t guarantee the quality, so you can’t just pick the first crypto bookie you come across.

That’s why we’re here. We’ve compiled a list of the best Bitcoin and Ethereum betting sites where you can bet on your favorites with ease. Below we’ll list a few important factors you should always consider before joining crypto betting sites.

  • License: when looking for a new crypto bookie, the license is the most important factor. Ensure the site has it – otherwise, you’ll have to look in another direction. Without a license, you’re exposing yourself to immeasurable risks that could end up with your crypto coins stolen.
  • Markets: make sure that the Ethereum or Bitcoin betting site has the markets you want to bet on. If you’re a football fan, there’s no sense in joining a site without football markets. The same goes for other sports.
  • Digital assets: everyone has a favorite cryptocurrency. Some like Bitcoin, others like Ethereum, some are Dogecoin or Litecoin fans. Ideally, you should pick a crypto betting site that has them all. If you own Ether, why would you join a Bitcoin betting site? The good news is that crypto bookies nowadays usually cover all the biggest coins.
  • Reputation: always check the reputation of the cryptocurrency bookmaker before you join the site. If there are bad reviews online, stay away from them. Keep in mind that there are dozens of sites on offer, so you can find yourself a better bookie.
  • Customer service: the quality of customer service is an underrated factor. We believe it’s very important. Crypto betting sites are pretty new on the market, so it pays to have proper customer service as you may have questions that need fast answers.


Before you start betting, you’ll need to get your crypto coins ready. For those unaware, you will need to buy some from a trusted exchange and store them in a special wallet. It can later be connected to your crypto betting site of choice for easy, fast, and with almost no fees.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Get your wallet ready by buying some cryptocurrencies;
  2. Register at a Bitcoin betting site (or another crypto betting site you prefer);
  3. The signup process is straightforward – find the Register button and follow the on-screen instructions;
  4. Get a bonus if there is one and use a promo code if required;
  5. Deposit cryptos into your account;
  6. Bet on the sports you love!
  7. Crypto betting sites nowadays offer a wealth of options ranging from football and basketball to cricket, tennis, and even politics and Esports. All these sports come with thousands of markets and valuable odds. Crypto betting bookies are easy to join and may even have a wider range of markets in order to lure new bettors

Bitcoin Betting Sites

As the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Bitcoin is the most obvious crypto pick for most bettors. All crypto betting sites accept it – without Bitcoin in the mix, a bookie wouldn’t make sense. Nearly all crypto investors have some BTC in their wallets, even if they’re focusing their investments on other coins. It’s the crest of the crypto industry and will remain so until another coin makes a splash.

The great news about it is that finding Bitcoin betting sites have never been easier. As we mentioned, all crypto bookies have it. Bitcoin is also one of the top coins you can use to bet on sports online. It can be found at any cryptocurrency exchange and is quite easy to swap with other coins. Its value is near its all-time high at the moment, making it a perfect choice for crypto bettors.

BEGINNER GUIDE to Bitcoin Betting - What you need to know
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Since Bitcoin’s value is projected to rise, those who invested only a hundred bucks or even fewer years ago will reap the benefits of Bitcoin’s rise. Using it at Bitcoin betting sites is easy. Simply connect a trusted wallet to the bookie, choose Bitcoin, and enjoy betting with it.

Bitcoin deposits are instant and with tiny fees, and you can also withdraw instantly as well. Well, it may not be as fast as others, but Bitcoin betting sites offer much speedier withdrawals than withdrawing with Visa or the likes.

Ethereum Betting Sites

A direct competitor to Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second-most valuable crypto asset. Its value has skyrocketed and making it a major draw for crypto bettors. Available at most crypto betting sites, it’s the perfect pick if you’re looking for even faster deposits and withdrawals.

Ethereum is ‘armed’ with numerous features that make it better than Bitcoin or other cryptos. Features such as smart contracts won’t mean much when you join an Ethereum betting site, but they are important when investors choose a coin to invest in. Plus, its value is expected to reach new heights soon, with many believing it can top Bitcoin.

Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork Completed Successfully

Ethereum betting sites today offer a wide range of options to bet on. The top ETH betting sites will offer more football markets than you can handle as well as tennis betting, basketball, golf, cricket, and Esports. All you need to do is join, make your pick, and bet with your ETHs – it should be simple enough.

Here is the link where you can always check the current state of the gas fee’s on the Ethereum blockchain

Keep in mind that native “Layer 1” Ethereum blockchain is poisoned with “high gas fees” where one can find himself paying huge percentage for a single transaction


When choosing a cryptocurrency bookmaker, you should also check the bonuses and offers out. Almost every bookie has a welcome bonus on offer, that will most likely be a deposit boost or free bet. Whatever it is, you should pick it up. These bonuses are a great way to start your journey, and some of the might come with Snacks included – that’s un unbeatable offer.


Most Bitcoin betting sites offer a major welcome bonus that will boost your initial deposit. It’s usually a 100% match on your first deposit up to a pre-determined amount. Of course, it can be another type of bonus, so you should definitely check the terms before you claim it. Free bets are common too, offering a much smaller amount of money, but most likely with lesser obligations.


Free bets are the favorite betting bonus. While they’re not free as the terms might suggest, they often come with lower wagering requirements and easier terms to complete. Of course, this bonus is much smaller than welcome deposit bonuses, so don’t expect to get 1 BTC. It’ll most likely be something closer to $10 which you can spend with no strings attached (or just a few).

Free bets are not just for new bettors. They are often shelled out to existing customers as a way to keep them depositing crypto and betting.


The majority of crypto betting sites on our list offer special bonuses that are worth getting your hands on. These come in many shapes and sizes including price boosts and other stuff. Some sites may offer crypto betting boosts that you can get for making crypto Bitcoin or Ether deposits and placing bets with said cryptos.


The most obvious advantage of crypto betting sites is their speed. While e-wallets are fast, they can’t compare to crypto deposits. Whether you choose Bitcoin betting sites or others, you will have your deposit ready in seconds. Withdrawals are a mixed bag. While cryptocurrencies won’t need a lot of time to complete the transactions, it’s up to the crypto betting site to determine how fast it issues your winning

When it comes to the cons, there aren’t many besides the volatility. As many of you know, Bitcoin and all other cryptos are very volatile – their prices go up and down in seconds. A cryptocurrency can reach an all-time high price right now and be down to its low in a few hours. This means that bettors can profit when the price goes up, but also lose value when it comes down.