Best Crypto Betting Sites In 2024

Our Crypto Betting page will introduce you to the world of gambling sites that use cryptocurrency instead of real money.
The online gambling market has continued to grow for years and has gotten to the point where hundreds of sites accept bets made entirely with virtual currencies.
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What Is Crypto Betting

The rapid emergence of cryptocurrency has seen the digital form of currency slowly break into a multitude of different industries and sectors. One of the first ones that recognized its potential was the gambling industry. Its adoption by a large majority of the gambling industry has given rise to a new niche – Crypto Betting.

Crypto betting sites represent the newest form of online gambling. In their definition, crypto betting sites are online bookmakers that enable you to gamble on a variety of things using cryptocurrency, as opposed to the industry norm of using real money. Nowadays, more and more of the biggest gambling companies have started allowing their players to make deposits and withdrawals via crypto. Others have completely discarded traditional methods like bank transfers in favor of it.

Looking at the current rate of its growth & acceptance, it seems inevitable that crypto will become widely accepted across the entire gambling industry. With the advantages it has, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that crypto could become the gold standard for online betting sites in the not-so-distant future.


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Claim Bonus Up To €500 Bonus + 200 Free Spins
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The minimum amount that can be deposited in order to claim a deposit bonus is 0.001 BTC(or equivalent in other cryptocurrencies)/20 USD (or equivalent in other fiat currencies).
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€100 first deposit bonus + 35 free spins
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Before you take advantage of this offer,you need to roll them over by making a single or combo bets within 15 days at odds 1.59+ (applies to every piece of a combo as well) on the sum 10x times the received bonus plus deposit.
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Claim Welcome Package Up To €1500 + 200 Free Spins
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New customers only
You must deposit at least $5, wager on sport/esports events with oods 2.00 or higher withing 30 days.


When choosing a crypto betting site, you should optimally be looking for one that has an established reputation. In the ever-growing world of crypto betting, the number of fraudulent sites is increasing with each passing day. A well-established reputation, market exposure, and word-of-mouth are always telltale signs of a trustworthy crypto betting page. When determining the legitimacy of a specific site, there are four main factors that we take into account:

1. The Crypto Betting Site’s Gambling License

There is a wide plethora of different gambling licenses on the market to choose from. While some gambling licenses are held in higher merit than others, all of them are required for a bookmaker to be able to operate. Make sure that the license of the crypto betting site you end up choosing is recognized and accepted in your region.

2. Complaints Received

While the technological advancements in recent years have brought crypto betting sites onto a whole new level of quality, issues can still happen. The level of quality a bookmaker gives can be measured by the number of formal complaints its players have reported to a governing body.

3. Complaint Resolution

A crypto-betting site’s legitimacy is heavily impacted by its successful resolutions to any issues that might arise. While issues are bound to happen at one point or another, the efforts a betting site takes to resolve those issues are always crucial to determine its legitimacy.

4. Seniority

Seniority is another big factor that adds to the valorization of a crypto-betting site’s legitimacy. In this industry, seniority is more or less a synonym for a good reputation.

Restricted Territories

Before deciding on a crypto betting site, it’s strongly advisable to research and find out if the site is available in your specific location. Due to the gambling laws in different countries, potential players could run into certain limitations if a site hasn’t got the required licenses to operate in that region.

Keep in mind that not every betting site will ask for the verification of your current location. Sites like these allow you to skip a large part of the registration process. In order to gamble on those sites, all you need to do is verify your account and make a deposit.

Before signing up for a crypto betting site, always check the licenses it operates under. Certain gambling licenses allow bookmakers to operate in specific regions, while others are not even recognized.

We’ve made a list of the most popular gaming authorities that can issue a license.

Location is irrelevant in most cases when depositing funds. Withdrawals can be a whole different story seeing as some providers may request to verify your address and personal identity before completing the transaction.

The reviewing process may take up to 2-4 days. During the process, the bookmaker will check your personal information and the validity of your documents. All of the information provided must fall under the T&Cs set by the operator. If any of the info does not add up, you might be in danger of potentially losing your funds.

Betatesports provides detailed analysis to ensure a seamless crypto betting experience for all of our potential players. Through the use of geo-targeting, we direct our players to crypto betting sites available in their respective teritory.

Customer Support

All reputable online casinos offer some form of customer service. Despite that, having 24/7 live customer service is a plus. As modern software has evolved, the issues a potential player can face have been reduced to a minimum.

Consider that if by any chance those issues do occur, having the ability to talk to a representative live could save your winnings as well as a good night’s sleep. If the casino of your choice does not offer live customer service, issues should be resolved in a maximum of one to two days.

How Do We Review & Rank Crypto Betting Sites?

Our crypto betting site review process is thorough and unbiased, and it stands for each and every bookmaker. When reviewing potential sites, our main goal is to see their inner works from a player’s perspective. The site’s legitimacy, ease of use, the assortment of offers, wager requirements, and average odds are just a few among the wide array of factors we take into account before making our final decision.

Our review process is undertaken with a number of different steps that help us immerse in the bookmaker’s portfolio of offers.

Step 1. Investigating A Site’s Legitimacy & Reputation

Reputation can always be a telltale sign about a site’s legitimacy. Before even thinking of adding a crypto betting site to our repertoire, it’s safe to say that we do our homework. Whether it’s taking into account the site’s gambling licenses, player feedback, word of mouth, or even our gut instinct, we only work with legitimate, reputable sites that we can vouch for.

Step 2. Registering & Making a Deposit

Our first step revolves around the main basis for every crypto-betting site on the market – registering and making the first deposit. When registering, we take into account the ease of the process as well as the information needed to successfully sign up. After registering, we make our first deposit on the site to make sure the procedure goes as seamlessly as possible. If there are any viable first-time deposit bonus offers, we take into account the bonus amount, the terms & conditions as well as the overall time needed for the bonus to take effect.

Step 3. Testing Out The Different Markets

After successfully finishing the first step, it’s time to immerse ourselves in the bookmaker’s offerings. Whether it’s sports betting, esports betting, or even the page’s casino section, we leave no stone unturned. The main focal point of this part of the review is to test the different markets to see how well they run. We also compare the different offers, odds, and betting options to other bookmakers in the industry.

Step 4. Checking Out The Customer Support

An often overlooked part of a betting site’s entire operation is customer support. Although access to 24/7 live customer support is always a huge plus, the quality of help it provides is crucial. If the betting site we’re testing does not offer live customer support, we take into account the overall time it takes for them to get back to us & resolve our issue. In a fledgling industry like crypto betting, customer satisfaction is the key to customer retention.

Step 5. Withdrawing Our Winnings

Do keep in mind that none of our team members are modern incarnations of Nostradamus. Whether they win their wagers, or completely lose the money (that we generously take out of their paychecks), we always keep a small sum to test out the withdrawal system. Depositing money into a betting site is one thing, but withdrawing it is a completely different thing. Taking into account the fact that we’re dealing with crypto betting sites, the withdrawal process should be as quick and easy as possible. If any hiccups do emerge, it’s an immediate red flag.

Step 6. Customer Feedback

Another vital part of making our final decision is customer feedback. While our in-depth examination can be completely spotless, that doesn’t entirely mean that problems can’t occur. Keep in mind that the only customer feedback we take into account is actual issues that have happened to them. Disgruntled bettors on a personal vendetta against a specific crypto-betting site without any backing to their claims will not be taken into account. If said problems do occur, the site’s response and the customer’s ultimate satisfaction are crucial.

While the thought of crypto betting might seem to be in the realm of rocket science for the more traditional bettors, we are here to prove just how simple it is to get started. The first thing you want to do is make sure your crypto wallet is stocked up. If you don’t own a crypto wallet, getting one up and ready is a fairly simple procedure. To stock up on the crypto of your choosing, make sure to buy it from a trusted crypto exchange.

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After gearing up with your wallet and crypto, head over to the crypto betting site

1. Register

The first step on your journey will always be the registration process. When registering, always give truthful and correct information to avoid any issues later on. Always make sure that the crypto betting site of your choice is available in your region. We recommend going through the T&Cs just so you can get informed on all the relevant information.

2. Make Your First Deposit

After completing your registration, it’s time to show the money. Deposit your desired amount, but be sure not to miss out on the lucrative welcome bonuses. If you’re a first-time bettor, we recommend that you set a specific budget, and stick to it.

3. Play

Whether you’re into sportsbooks, slots, poker, or others, crypto gambling sites will cater to all your needs. Scour through the different sections and find what best suits you.

4. Withdrawing Your Winnings

If you’ve made it to this step, congratulations are in order. Before withdrawing your crypto, we advise you to check the T&Cs withdrawal section. In some cases, you might find out that a betting site will not allow you to withdraw your winnings until you meet certain criteria. If everything’s in order, enjoy your winnings.

PLEASE NOTE: There are certain fees attached to withdrawing your funds, so always double-check which option you are choosing either.

Loyalty Perks

In an industry as competitive as crypto betting, having a certain edge over your competition is crucial. That edge in this particular case revolves around providing the best user experience possible to potential players. Crypto betting sites offer unique promotions and VIP programs to both attract new players, and retain existing ones.

1. Different Types Of Promotions Available

Due to the fledgling state of the crypto betting industry, sites tend to offer more lucrative bonuses to new players in comparison to traditional real money casinos. These welcome bonuses can easily see you double the amount of your first deposit.

Apart from newcomer bonuses, crypto betting sites also cater to existing customers. Reload Bonuses are among the first ones a returning player can come across, giving an additional bonus after making a deposit. Another type of bonus that’s getting more prevalent is the Rebate Bonus, which can most simply be described as a form of cashback. Friend Referral Bonuses are also quite common, which are triggered when an existing member of the betting site brings a new person to it using a referral code.

2. VIP Programs

A VIP Program has nowadays become a staple of any crypto betting site’s offerings. The main goal behind their implementation is player retention. VIPs are normally gamblers who deposit larger amounts than regular players. Apart from the deposit amounts, players in some cases can qualify for VIP Programs using accumulated loyalty points. The VIP Programs themselves normally come in two different types – Points-Based Programs and Tier-Based Programs. They revolve around accumulating points for special rewards.

Top-rated VIP Programs always contain higher tiers featuring lucrative rewards. Before signing up to any VIP Program, make sure to do your research as in-depth as possible.

What Type Of Bonuses Do Crypto Betting Sites Offer?

The potential Bonuses Crypto Betting Sites are far more lucrative than the ones found in traditional ones. Whether you’re a newcomer making your first deposit, or a seasoned veteran looking for that bit of extra percentage, there is a wide array of bonuses that cater to your needs.

Crypto Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonuses are much more prevalent with crypto betting sites as opposed to traditional online casinos. This fact is mostly due to the crypto niche’s novelty in the gambling industry. The sheer amount of the welcome bonus can be quite an enticing factor when choosing a gateway into online gambling.

exclusive crypto bitcoin betting bonus
  • 100% Bonuses are more or less the industry standard.
  • Free spins are another popular kind of first-deposit bonus crypto betting sites utilize. The free spins are given on specific slots game.
  • Always check the terms behind welcome bonuses. Depending on the provider, there might be some hidden twists that might not amount to your expectations.
Get up to:
+100% Bonus
+ 50% Up to €200
4.5 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customers only
Your wager must be placed on a Pre-match, single or accumulator bet with minimum total odds of 2.00..
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Get up to
€1500 Bonus
+ 200 Free spins
4.5 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customers only
You must deposit at least $5, wager on sport/esports events with oods 2.00 or higher withing 30 days.
N1Bet was established in 2021 as the sister site of N1casino. Sportsbook comes with a Softswiss platform, very competitive odds, and various crypto payments.

Crypto Reload Bonuses

Reload Bonuses are another widely spread type of bonus that focuses on player retention. This specific type of bonus gives you extra funds based on your deposit.

exclusive crypto bitcoin betting offer
  • Reload Bonuses are often personalized and are calculated based on your spending as well as the deposited amount.
  • Reload Bonuses can be either weekly, monthly, or specialized to a certain player’s needs.
  • Some providers calculate the Reload Bonus amount based on the level of a player’s VIP status.
  • Players are normally eligible for Reload Bonuses right after making their first deposit.

No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses on crypto betting sites are mainly used as a loyalty reward. Depending on a site’s preference, they can either be used to attract new players or to reward existing ones.

exclusive no deposit crypto bitcoin betting bonus

  • No Deposit Bonuses are pretty self-explanatory but are usually followed by unfavorable terms and conditions. Depending on the bookmaker, players can find themselves playing 20x the bonus amount before being eligible for a withdrawal.
  • No Deposit Bonuses are normally among the rarest available. They are also the most sought considering there are no deposits required to activate them. Players can try their luck at specific slot machines without the danger of losing their own funds.

High Roller Bonuses

High Roller Bonuses, as the name suggests are often available only to the players with the deepest pockets. They can be unlocked either by depositing large amounts of funds or as premium rewards in loyalty programs.

  • To Qualify For A High Roller Bonus on most occasions, the minimal deposit amount starts at 500$, but often exceeds the 1000$ mark.
  • High Roller Bonuses are most often given out with personalized codes. You have to put the code in a special window before confirming your deposit.
  • For example, the standard bonus is 100% for up to $500. That means you need to deposit up to $500 to get an extra $500 and start playing with $1,000. Meanwhile, the high roller bonus is 100% for up to $1,000. 

Cashback Bonus

The Cashback Bonus is the one that’s most widely adored by the gambling community. With the Cashback Bonus, players are eligible to receive a percentage of their losses as either a bonus amount or sometimes in actual withdrawable funds. Depending on the betting provider, you could find returns of up to 10-15% for all your gambling losses.

How to claim Cashback Bonuses?

  • Cashback bonuses can be given weekly or monthly. At certain gambling sites, they are tied directly into their games & offers.
  • To claim the bonus, visit your crypto betting site’s T&Cs page to get better informed.
  • If needed, enter the code to get your Cashback Bonus amount.

A Few Final Tips


Two-factor authenticators offer an extra layer of security. They require two separate means of identification to log in. When trying to access your account apart from your login info, you must use the code sent to your phone or tablet. Given the dangers present on the Internet, you should look into a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


VPNs hide your IP address, thus creating a private network that allows you to anonymously register with the betting provider. It is helpful to keep track of your betting profits and loss to identify a problem quickly.

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Maximum Cashback amount is €1000
T&Cs Apply
New customers only
Cashback is credited every Monday during the time 01:00 - 02:00 AM (TZ UTC) for the period of Friday and weekends in the amount of 5% of the loss amount.
Freebet 10 EUR for first deposit + €5
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

To receive the bonus, you must make a deposit of at least 20 EUR/USD The bonus duration – 7 days.
Enjoy the exclusive Trustdice Faucet!
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New customers only
The higher your Satoshi level, the quicker it takes to claim the faucet. Max-level players claim crypto every 60 minutes.
Exclusive - Zero Wagering Bonus
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Claim BEASTY SATURDAY bonus by depositing at least €50 or equivalent amount in other currencies and a minimum deposit of 25 EUR or equivalent amount in other currencies for Wildy Sunday bonus.

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